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In Ukraine, There Are No Good Solutions for the Internally Displaced

Uzhhorod is the capital of Zakarpattia. With a pre-war population of about 130,000, this charming city in the most western region of Ukraine was the smallest region capital in the whole country. For an expat like myself, it was an ideal place to settle down – the prices are low, it’s close to Europe, and […]

When East Meets West

The Western region of Ivano-Frankivsk is about as pro-Ukraine as it gets. Red and black nationalist flags are regularly seen around the city. Stepan Bandera, a highly controversial Ukrainian nationalist figure from the WWII era who collaborated with Nazi Germany in the name of fighting Ukraine’s Soviet oppressor, is beloved. And unsurprisingly, it is one […]

The Return to Kyiv

The withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kyiv region has catalyzed a fierce migration back to Ukraine’s most vibrant city. After massive traffic jams of people leaving Kyiv emerged at the start of the war, less than two months later those same traffic jams have returned, but this time in the direction of the capital. […]


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